Why Go Keto for Sheep Hunting

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Keto for the First Time

This Monday, I’m going Keto! This will be the first time I’ve ever tried. I generally eat Paleoish/low-carbish but I’ve never been very strict about it. I’m definitely a believer in the 80/20 rule. So, a Ketosis diet will be a change.

Pre-Keto Diet Phase

The last phase of my diet plan has been about making the transition to Keto easier. To prepare, I have been:

  1. A little more intentional in my diet, cleaning it up and lowering my carb intake.
  2. Delaying my first fatty coffee and the first real meal of the day.
  3. Recipe testing fat bombs.
    I’m hoping all the prep work will help me succeed.

Lightening Up My Pack

I decided to try Keto for sheep hunting because I need all the help I can get in lightening up my pack. As much as I want to believe that women can do anything, there are some limitations to what females can do physically. I am about 135 pounds, and it is unreasonable for me to think that I can pack out as much as the average sheep hunter does.

So, I am doing everything I can to lighten my pack and increase my strength.
In addition to the numerous health benefits of Ketosis, I am interested in its weight-reducing aspects. (Check out the health benefits.)

  1. Fat has over twice as many calories per gram as do carbohydrates and protein.
  2.  Becoming fat-adapted increases your ability to burn body fat during exercise, decreasing your immediate need for food.

I’m hoping to carry fewer calories (i.e., rely on body fat) from lighter (fatty) foods … double whammy!


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Strategies for My Success

For me, the key to success will be planning ahead. I’m a huge fan of meal planning and batch cooking. I’ve found that meal planning helps me make good decisions about food. It also saves me time and money, and I really enjoy looking for new recipes. That won’t change. After reading the 21 Day Paleo Rest Diet by Mark Sission, I feel like I have even more tools.


  1. Meal planning, batch cooking, and meal prep
  2.  Always packing food when I won’t be able to eat at home
  3. Having plenty of healthy, yummy, high-fat snacks
  4. Eating when I’m hungry, at first (I’m not worried about weight loss or fasting this first time)

Let me know if I can help with strategies that work for you, or with recipes that will have you loving low-carb. I’ll keep you posted on my Keto experience 🙂

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