Super Easy Packable Keto Lunch

packable keto lunch

I have a hard time calling this a recipe, but my Packable Keto Lunch worked so well on my sheep hunt I now keep a stash my fridge. I try to have prep salads for lunch, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen, and I need something fast on the way out the door.

I first made Super Easy Packable Keto Lunches because I knew they would hold up after a week in my backpack. After eating them for almost a week straight I still liked them. When I returned home from my hunt I had some leftover and realized they were great even when you aren’t in the backcountry.

I love these Packable Keto Lunches so much they were the only recipe from the blog that made it into my E-book 10 Minute Meal Prep!

3 Reasons Packable Keto Lunches are the Ultimate Meal Prep.

  1. They take less than 5 minutes to prep
  2. They take up almost no room in the fridge
  3. They last weeks in the fridge

Sheep Hunting Food

During my Delta Dall sheep hunt, I wasn’t very worried about total carb intake. In general, just feel better when eating low carb, however, sheep hunting is so strenuous I knew some extra carbs would be nice. I wanted high-fat food because fat has over twice as many calories as protein and carbohydrate per gram.   If you are interested in keto backpacking foods, check out my DIY high-fat dehydrated dinners.

(Here is a Round-Up of all the food I brought)

packable keto lunch

When I made my backpack hunting meals I used multiple types of nuts and spice blends to mix it up.  You can use your favorite pre-made spice blend (such as Trader Joe’s Chili Lime or Everything Bagle), get creative and make your own, or just use salt.

Pick Your Nut

Nut Nutrition

Other Ingredients Nutrition Facts

Meat and Chese

Soaking Your Nuts

nuts soaking

I also took the extra steps to soak and dehydrate them. This makes them easier to digest. If this sounds like too much work, just buy your nuts dry roasted and salted : )

If you are interested in learning more about soaking nuts, check out this post, and remember you can make over 10 meals at once that will keep for weeks in your fridge so it might be worth the time : )

Super Easy Packable Keto Lunches

I started making these for backpacking, but I liked them so much I now keep a stash in my fridge at all time.

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Prep Time 2 minutes
Total Time 2 minutes
Servings 1
Calories 500 kcal


  • 1 Paleo Valley Beef Sticks or 1 Epic Bar
  • 1 organic cheese stick
  • Nuts see table


  1. Place all ingredients in a snack size zip lock baggy.

  2. Store in refrigerator. 

Recipe Notes

I like Paleo Valley Beef Sticks because they are fermented, which gives them a great flavor and probiotics! (They are also available through Subscribe and Save on Amazon)

Choose the nuts that fit your dietary needs.

Try soaking and dehydrating your nuts to make them more digestible.

I recommend making 10 or 12 lunches at a time, depending on how many meat sticks come in the box.

If you would like more protein, add a second meat.

If you chose to use Epic Bars, check the nutritional label. Each flavor has different a different amount of carbs.

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Keto Lunch

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