3 Supplements to Bring Backpacking

supplements for backpacking

During my Delta Dall Sheep Hunt, I took 3 Supplements and was amazed at how big of a difference it made. Every ounce counts, but with some research, these three found a place in my pack. (Here is a Round-Up of all the food I brought)

I choose these 3 Supplements to increase my athletic performance and decrease pain and inflammation because let’s face it sheep hunting is a lot of damn work and can sometimes be painful.

I am NOT a doctor, this is NOT medical advice. I’m simply telling you what I personally brought on my sheep hunt. If you are thinking about adding supplements to your diet do your own research and speak with a medical professional.
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The 3 Supplements and Why I Brought Them


Spirulina is high in protein and nutrients. I figured if nothing else, protein and micronutrients never hurt, especially when you are exerting yourself so much. However, it has been shown to boost athletic performance and decrease inflammation (well at least in rats)

According to a study that was published earlier this year, “The results of this study imply that supplementation with spirulina extract may protect athletes against a deficit in immune function (especially, anti-infectious function) associated with strenuous exercise, and may cause a beneficial shift in “overtraining threshold” preventing a radical deterioration of immunity.”

Translation: spirulina boost immune function decreased by hard exercise and allows you to push harder without overdoing it.

Spirulina is well studied, on PubMed, there are over 1,700 published articles. I love that spirulina has been scientifically proven to be so beneficial, but I love how it makes me feel even more. In my n=1 experiment, I have found it gives me a boost of energy.


When we were packing out meat and I was super tired, I would take a small handful to give me a little bust.

Spirulina is part of my normal diet as well. I add the loose powder to smoothies and my kids like it mixed into their yogurt.

Shroom TECH Sport

Like spirulina, mushrooms have been well studied and have way too many benefits to cover in this post.  Onnit has also done their own clinical trials that found Shroom TECH Sport increases athletic performance.


I used as directed (take 40 minutes before workout) for my training leading up to my sheep hunt as well as every morning during the hunt.

Onnit has a money back guarantee (you get to keep the product), so I figured it was worth a try. I personally found it gave me an extra spring in my step for workouts and hiking.  This supplement is a little pricey (beware of cheap supplements, they are probably crap and could be dangerous!!) so I only took it on “breakthrough” workouts.


Like the other supplements, turmeric has been widely studied. A quick search on PubMed shows turmeric has been shown to help prevent cancer, decrease pain, increase cognitive function, and has strong anti-inflammatory properties while being considered safe with only mild side effects (if you take a super high dose). Ginger or black pepper increases the absorption of turmeric so many supplements include them (and many recipes).

Note: I also added cinnamon to my Instant Backcountry Bulletproof Coffee to help decrease inflammation.


I took two tablets each morning and evening. I skipped it one evening and the next morning I could defiantly feel the difference.

Bonus “Supplement”


Ok, this isn’t a supplement, but salt and electrolytes are very important especially when eating a low carb diet or when you are very physically active. It also makes all food taste better. I brought along a little extra salt. Since I made most of my own food, I didn’t have to use it, but I will bring it next time.

Sea salt and Himalayan salt are best because they contain other trace minerals and don’t contain anticaking agents. I can taste better, but I have been called a salt snob before.

If you are reading this post you might also be interested in how I make my own High-Fat Dehydrated Meals for my sheep hunt. By going Keto/low-carb on my sheep hunt I was able to get cut 10 lbs from my back.

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